Happiness is a warm puppy.
~Charles M. Schulz

The greatest love is a mother's; then a dog's; then a sweetheart's.

~Polish Proverb
Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies.

~Gene Hill

Puppy Love

In Better Than Sex, one of Katy's major breakthroughs in her grieving and moving on in life happens when she discovers a puppy which she adopts.  This puppy has a recurring "role" with my Double Ds in many different ways.  I've named her after my puppy, Oreo, whose photo you see on this page.  The fictional Oreo shares many qualities of the real life one.

My real life Oreo entered my life, actually my family's life (but she's MY puppy) during a very difficult time.  Two of my closest friends were no longer living close by, and I missed them terribly.  My siblings were living elsewhere or otherwise engaged.  My writing was stymied.  My disabled son was having serious health issues.  My mother was aging and needing more help.  Life was a mess, and dessert wasn't the answer.

I needed my friends, but for reasons having nothing to do with severed friendship, I was now adrift without their support.  My poor husband took the brunt of my stress as he's my friend too and the only nearby one.  He and I were talking one afternoon about needing some joy in our lives.  We decided getting a puppy might be a good idea. 

Within two days, we found the perfect one.  When we visited her "home," she came right to me and put her dainty paws up on my knees.  She was the runt of the litter and one of two left; her brother much larger and more aggressive didn't appeal to me at all. I picked her up, she snuggled into my lap, and she's loved me unconditionally ever since.  I figure she knew instinctively I was an easy touch and in need.  Smart puppy.

We brought her home "on approval" to see if our son would approve.  He's a quadriplegic, has little mobility, and no feeling except for his face and neck.  I put the unnamed puppy in his lap.  She immediately nuzzled his neck and licked his cheek. Instant puppy love.  Today she loves wheel-chair rides.

That left my hubby, his heart set on a different breed, but he adored the puppy's charm.  I was preparing to take her back to her "home" when the little furball curled up at his feet.  She hooked him solid.  He's been her slave every since.

We named her Oreo for her coloring, her temperament, and the fact that the cookie is my hubby's and son's favorite treat.  If I can't find a friend to discuss a problem with, if I'm sad and don't know why, if the day has more problems than I want to handle, well, Oreo's always there to make me feel better.

As I write this, ever my faithful friend is curled near my feet, waiting for that magic moment (I swear she can read a clock) when it's dinner time.  Then she's not to be denied.  Or kept waiting.

Oh, she's a true Double D.  She's not only a friend, but she enjoys a puppy treat every now and then.  Of course, that treat's never chocolate.

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. 
Edith Wharton