"The best antiques are old friends."

So let me tell you just a bit about Cassie, Katy, Elaine, and Angie. They are the inner circle of the Double Ds. Elaine and Katy were nursery mates at birth as their mothers gave birth about the same time and shared a hospital room. The mothers developed a friendship and so did Elaine and Katy. Cassie joined their friendship in first grade and Angie came along a few years later.

These women are now in their early to mid fifties. They've been through many joys together and now are facing major life changes. Katy finds herself unexpectedly widowed and doesn't deal with it well at first. Elaine finds herself replaced by a younger, blonder trophy wife and morphs into this sexy, energized, sensual woman who's looking for one night stands with younger men. Cassie finds herself deserted by her compulsive gambler husband who deserts his family and his business to find his next winning jackpot. Angie struggles with a cancer that relentlessly tears at her life. Only their forever friendship helps these women get through these new and devastating life challenges to find new paths for their lives. I hope you'll enjoy getting to know better my Double Ds.

Mary Jo