"The world reveres wise men; wise women value themselves."

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Welcome to my cyber home. I'm so glad you stopped by!

I write because I love it. I looked forward to the time I could write whenever I wanted, putting the stories inhabiting my mind and heart on paper. After trying many types of fiction, I fell back onto what I heard so often. Write what you know and what your heart says to write.

I call my type of writing Wise Women Fiction. Whatever the story may be—women's fiction, suspense, mystery—all have women who gain strength from gaining wisdom through their experiences. My heroines most likely won't be superhuman or kick butt women. Instead they are ordinary women dealing with families, work, friends, parents, and the complications and wisdom gained from these interactions. At least that's how I feel at this point in time.

I write Romantic Suspense under the pen name Casey Clifford. This page has information about how I chose that pen name and what's happening with Casey's career and recently published book, Black Ribbon Affair.

I've also decided to add my thoughts on recent books I've read that have touched my in some way. You can find those comments on the Snippets page. This page will also contain other items that are information morsels about me, my work, or the organizations I belong to.

I hope you'll linger a bit. Check out my Wise Women page, as well as my Double Ds page. When you come back, check out what's new with the photo page or the Double Ds friendship page. See what interesting tidbits I have gathered in the meantime to share with my cyber visitors. I'll be updating every 4 – 5 weeks.