Forever Friends

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly
not born until they arrive."

Anäis Nin

In my Double Ds series, friendship of many different types is one of the main themes.  In Better Than Sex and More Than A Trifle I have two friends, Katy and Elaine, who have been friends since the day they were born.

Okay, at that time they were so young they didn't know about friendship yet, but because they were born within hours of each other and their mothers shared a hospital room, the mothers became best friends.  Katy and Elaine shared, playpens, cribs, and even mothers for their mothers would take turns sitting for the girls.  Those two little girls could have ended up hating each other, but didn't.  They bonded more like twins in addition to becoming fast friends.

Like sisters, they aren't afraid to set the other straight whenever one seems to be going astray.  Like friends, no matter how angry or frustrated they get with each other Katy and Elaine always are there for each other.  Sometimes better than sisters or family. As the saying goes, we can choose our friends, but not our relations.

As Katie and Elaine move from the playpen and their homes and enter school, they pick up additional friends, not a lot, but meaningful ones, who become as important to them as they were to each other originally.  Gathering these new friends enhances their friendship and their connection.  Nothing will ever pull these friends apart.

Even many years later when Katy is enduring the greatest crisis of her life, the plot of Better Than Sex, and part of her would love to leave her familiar surroundings to get away permanently from her grief, her friends pull her back.  She knows she can't truly be happy unless she lives near Elaine and her other friends.  Sometimes internet and phones just don't solve the ache of missing friends.

Because Katy and Elaine have been together since a few hours after their birth, that sets them apart from the other friends.  Katy hates the thought of moving away from her hometown and her friends, even if doing so would help her start a new life.  Others have done it in their friendship circle.  Some have left, but they always come back for visits.  Or after many years away, they come back and discover they fit in the friendship circle just like they did before they left their hometown many years before.

In my fictional world, Katy and Elaine are the best of forever friends.  While I haven't been so fortunate to have a friend like that since birth, I've had a few since third grade.  At that time my family moved into town.  That meant after school activities were now possible and getting to know other girls my age.  Prior to that, since I only had books, and was surrounded by brothers who delighted in teasing me, I found books to be my best friends.  That was lucky for me.  Now I still have my books, but also have my friends.  How lucky can a woman be?  And a writer who will always find a seed for a book within her friendships.

"A good friend is a connection to life-a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world."
Lois Wyse

Mary Jo