Dinner with the Double Ds

I got an email a few weeks ago from my niece. She's putting in long hours as a medical resident with her first rotation in an ER.

The subject line of her email was Dinner with the Double Ds. Needless to say, that got my attention and we planned on a time to visit by phone so she could explain. Since my Double Ds are "fictional," I concluded she was reading an excerpt while grabbing a few minutes away from her hectic ER schedule.

Not so.

This was the scenario: her Significant Other had come to town to visit her for her first weekend off. The plan was to have dinner at a very upscale, highly recommended restaurant. Very excited about having time to be together and catch up on all that had happened in their busy lives, my niece and her SO arrived and were seated at a cozy booth. Not far from them at a large round table a group of several "seasoned" women were ordering drinks and appetizers. Conversation hummed around the table.

My niece said they reminded her of my fictional Double Ds.

My niece and her SO ordered and chatted, but as often happens, a lull occurred in their conversation. But not in the conversation surrounding the women at the round table. They discussed books, family events and problems, medical issues, financial issues, sex, marriage, politics; you name it.

Soon, both my niece and her SO were as engrossed in the conversation from the round table as they were at their own. When those two left, the round table discussion was still in progress.

When my niece got outside, she looked back into the restaurant and the well-dressed, intelligent, witty women still talking. She emailed me when she got home. "I had dinner with the Double Ds and felt I was reading one of your books."

Friendship has many faces and can be found in all situations. My niece was right. She did have dinner with my Double Ds.