"Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The toughest thing about success is that you've got to keep on being a success. Talent is only a starting point in business. You've got to keep working that talent."
Irving Berlin

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Black Ribbon AffairBlack Ribbon Affair

October 2009
ISBN: 1-601540581-9

Danger stalks Caitlin at the same time a second chance at love named Mike enters her life. But when death rears its ugly face, Caitlin must find a way to outwit it. When her last defense seems breached, only her belief that Mike is waiting keeps her alive and fighting to return to him.

The Wild Rose Press
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NEW REVIEWS for Black Ribbon Affair

The Romance Studio: 5 hearts. “This is an unbelievably exciting and heart-wrenching read that made me cry…well-crafted…edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next…”

Long and Short Review: 4 books. “Black Ribbon Affair, modern and hard-hitting in places, shows love surviving and flourishing in spite of the pressures, mistakes, and complications of work and personal relationships. Spellbinding reading!”

5 star review on Amazon: "If you need to get up early tomorrow, don't start this book tonight. Casey Clifford's Black Ribbon Affair will keep you up long after your bedtime. It has it all--a man from the past, a strong heroine, danger and suspense with some humor thrown in. It's a real page turner that I'm sure you'll enjoy."



Here I am—Casey Clifford.  I'm her alter-ego who also loves to write but in a much different vein than Mary Jo, or MJ as I call her.  I'm really writing and rolling when she's frustrated and angry, but too lady-like to do much about it.

When my mystery suspense writing sold before MJ's types of writing, I knew I'd beaten her at a game only the two of us play.  We'd had a long discussion over a Grey Goose vodka about our potential readers.  We both agreed that we liked it when we read a book by a favorite author and while each book was different we knew what to expect.  For example, when we read Nora Roberts we know what to expect, even if she's dabbling in witchery, demons, or Celtic myths.  However, when we pick up J.D. Robb, we know were getting something much different.  But written well and by Nora.

CaseyWell, you get the drift.  We didn't want readers to be disappointed if they expected one thing but got something else which some might not enjoy at all.  Since the Goose was nearly finished, we decided when the suspense/mystery manuscripts sold, MJ would give me the credit.  Thus we had Casey Clifford's birth.

But names don't appear from an unknown place. Neither did mine, though we never looked through baby name books, or searched on line for all sorts of data on names.  We don't even know if I have many others with that name, though if they are around, they don't have the domain name reserved.  We did that the next day.

StellaSo how did we arrive at the perfect name and in such short time?  Well, those Wise Women MJ's always talking about popped immediately into mind.  Casey comes from one and Clifford is the maiden surname of another.  I've posted photos of these two incredibly talented women who helped us with the art of writing and the art of observation and recording the moment.  I expect knowing MJ, she'll be telling you their stories one of these days.  She's like that, you know.


"Success comes before work only in the dictionary."

Casey Clifford