Capricorn Gals

Capricorn—a zodiac term which refers to people born during the period from December 22nd to January 19th. Its sign is a goat. The Capricorn goat is agile, strong, sure-footed, and hardy. The internet site I checked considered it similar to a mountain goat or sheep. I've seen the desolate and rocky places these goats live when I flew low over them with my son piloting the plane. The views from the top are spectacular. Those animals climb slowly but surely to the top. And descend each day to find their sustenance.

Sometimes we Capricorn humans have lives like that. A slow climb through rocky spots in life to reach the top. We define what our top or goal is. What our security and emotional needs are, but willingly descend to find our basic needs.

We Capricorns are tenacious, conservative, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, and constant. We have to be to reach those lofty heights we strive for. We also are considered to have knee and skeleton issues, probably from all that climbing and descending, and the pitfalls we stumble into along the way. But we always bounce back.

So why this talk of goats and Capricorns?

You guessed it! I'm a Capricorn and two of my closest friends from my group of life-long friends are, too. In this group of best buddies, we celebrate birthdays with a special luncheon and the funniest, most irreverent cards we can find.

Last week was such a luncheon for us Capricorn gals. It's been a tough year for us, but having each other and the others in our special group have helped us get through scary health issues, very ill husbands, family crises, the death of a parent and a sibling after caring for them during lingering illnesses, and the death of one of our group members. Those were the low lights—not enough highlights so our hope is 2009 is much brighter.

Those characteristics of loyalty, tenaciousness, determination and responsibility work overtime in the three of us. So a fun luncheon was definitely needed and a great start to a better year. The shoulders and belly laughter of our group of friends added to the promise.

We three Capricorn gals are bonded like sisters. Closer, perhaps, because we are of the same age and have fought through issues, joys and challenges simultaneously. We have the ability to be the support for each other, say the right things when needed, comfort with just the right amount of understanding and toughness, provide a hug at the perfect moment.

My Capricorn gals are the "seeds" for my Wise Women characters, Cassie, Elaine and Katy--though my fictional friends are nothing like us other than being life long friends and Capricorns. Cassie, Elaine and Katy share birthday dinners, not lunches. But each of them climb to those high places, enjoy the security there and the awesome views, then descend again to deal with the business of life. And so it goes, life blends with fiction and fiction merges with life.

I've been blessed with many friends in my life. I've learned from all of them. I hope they've taken knowledge from me. But for today, I honor my Capricorn friends, those who've been friends forever and those I've been lucky enough to pick up along the miles of my adulthood. All of you know who you are.

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
George Bernard Shaw

Mary Jo